Dark Sun Blood and Silt

Altaruk Escapades

What the....?


Trying to take a relaxing bath after being on the road for weeks Kovit was disturbed by a dwarf with a sun addled mind by the name of Birk Suntouched. After a few minutes of conspirital conversation in which the dwarf raved about the second coming of Kalak and something called the True, Kovit left.

After leaving the Burrowing Jankx with his friend Ictinus, Xendrik began asking questions about his missing troupe of friends. At the same time Aspara, Doren, & Noname finished up a conversation with the elf named Kivrin about the Jewel of Muldrea and Yarnath the Skull.

Xendrik found out that a cult had previously been kidnapping people in town. While going to check the slave market he and Ictinus ran into Aspara, Noname, and Doren who had left from the meeting with Kivrin. Together they decided to look around the slave market. There they were referred to a man named Bad-aek, who it turns out was a Priest of Fire.

At the old priests home they were told of the Cult of Exquisite Agony and it’s previous incursions in Altaruk. It turns out that Tellemon one of the guard captains along with Bad-aek had rooted them out before. Bad-aek recognized that Noname was a fellow fire worshiper, but the halfling had little to say. While leaving the flame infested home of Bad-aek, Noname had a vision of a plane of ash, all freshly burned, not defiler ash. From the ash on the ground a single green sapling rose and grew into a mighty tree taller than any he had ever seen.

The next morning the party went to the arena to fight for their goods that were contested with the Black Sun elves, led by Kaldraas. In the arena they faced the elves while trying to place 7 disks into their “goal”, at the end of 5 rounds the tall was counted. After the 2nd round a trio of ferocious Jhakar trapjaws were released into the contest and the characters had to not only dodge the brambleweed and elves, but also this new threat. After the contest was deemed finished and a few of the elves had met their end, either from the trapjaws or the brambleweed it was determined that the characters, or the “waste landers” as they were called were victorious.

Prior to the fight Tellemon had approached the party in their waiting cell and told them he would give them a job if they won because they seemed like the kind of people he needed and asked to see them after the contest. He was originally supposed to give the job to the Dancing Dragon Troupe, but hey hadn’t shown up. After the fight as the party approached Tellemon the crowd shrieked and surged as the cry of “Murder” could be heard. It was soon obvious that Tellemon was down and poison was involved. After pulling a sack of coins, a dagger, and a scroll off the body the party quickly exited the arena to get there winnings from the guard district. The scroll said something to the effect of "Here’s the list, send word to the Golden Inix in Tyr when the job is done. The list was of 5 names, four of which had been crossed off and the fifth was Aristiphaneles, Altaruk’s Governor.

In the guard district, after talking to some guards and telling them that Tellemon was dead they learned that a certain dwarf had been asking questions about the dead guard captain. While the found their way to the holding house Kovit spotted a cloaked dwarf hurrying down an alley, but paid him no mind.

After getting their good, then selling them the party asked around town about the strange gith raiders, to which they found that they were snatching not only goods, but slaves as well, and that they all fought to the death. Additionally, House Rees apparently had captured a few of the flying disks. They also learned that the Cult of Exquisite Agony was holed up somewhere in the mountains. Thinking they could get more information from the fire priest they returned to his abode.

However, there Xendrik spilled some information, that Aristiphaneles and Tellemon could have been at odds. After some questioning Noname said something about Xendrik’s troupe being brought into town to kill Aristiphaneles and that really go the fire priest…hot.

Needless to say the party exited town quickly, not wanting to raise the ire of the local citizenry. They stopped by the Burrowing Jankx and Xendrik told Ictinus that they would not be looking for the rest of the troupe. Ictinus was enraged and stormed off to look for his troupe-mates.

Now the party heads to Tyr, leaving behind a dearth of questions.

• What happened to the missing troupe members and what exactly is the Cult of Exquisite Agony?
• No more questions were asked about this strange tribe of gith and humans who had apparently stolen a piece of the Crown of Dust.
• Yarnath still has the Jewel of Muldrea, a piece of the Crown of Dust. Kivrin knew it’s location and seemed willing to give the party the information, but the second meeting with him was never held due to the party’s hasty retreat.
• What was the business of Tellmon’s murder, Birk Suntouched and Governor Aristiphaneles?


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