Dark Sun Blood and Silt

Aspara quickly left the rest of the party as they entered the city-state of Nibenay. She made her way to the Nagarramakan, the heart of Nibenay and asked audience with High Consort of the Kings Law, Djena. Djena was not available and so Aspara left to speak with Sawat, a member of the Drywell Consortium.

Owing much to Sawat and the Consortium Aspara gave a good portion of the treasure gained in her travels to the fixer as well as ultimately handing over the Fragement of the Crown of Dust to him.

After leaving the Lazy Lumberjack, Aspara noted a thri-kreen was following her. The thri-kreen, Khal’chu, did not seem comfortable in the city and Aspara, being right at home easily doubled back on it and confronted her follower.

SHe found out that the thri-kreen was sent to spy on her by a fellow templar, Consort Bellarosa.

Returning to the Naggaramakan Aspara met with High Consort Djena. The High Consort believed Aspara’s lie that she did not find any of the crown and announced that if Aspara did not return soon with another piece the mul templar would be live for long.

The next day Aspara was summoned by Consort Isra Anand where she met with her superior as well as Consort Bellarosa. Over the course of the conversation the templars revealed that Djena is the one who originally stole the fragment from the Temple of the Eye and was attempting to smuggle it back out of the city and the she is part of some subversive group called the Broken Builders. However, they didn’t have any proof. They also revealed that Djena had ordered Bellarosa and Aspara to go search the Temple of the Eye, which was really a ruse for an ambush to have them killed.


Raddu Raddu

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