Dark Sun Blood and Silt

After Aspara lost them, Xendrik Waveharp and Kovit split up as well. Kovit was off to see his family and Xendrik went to find out more about the city.

Xendrik inquired about hiring a messenger to find out about his family at home.Unsure of how they would get a hold of him again he left the messenger service, trusting that his family would be safe.

Kovit went to see his elven contacts, and luckily so, for he found out that his Aunt Temmya ha seemingly taken over the family and his father had not been seen in a week. Luckily his eleven friends let him stay in the elven district, however; in the morning he had a rude awakening as his contact informed him that the elves wanted some money to keep his whereabouts unknown.

Meanwhile Khal’chu was sent by Consort Bellarosa to find help for the group as to travel through the forest to the Temple of the Eye. The thri-kreen had recently seen a halfling that he had previously met in the forest and who would make a good scout and guide. Finding the halfling, Orli Gren hunting small animals in the slums he convinced the forest warrior to join him. They were then off to find Consort Aspara.

The next day Xendrik and Kovit asked around town and eventually tracked down when Aspara had recently been and chance had it that she showed up there as well. They had a heated conversation at the Lazy Logger when Aspara told them that she had given the Fragment of the Crown of Dust to someone, although she didn’t say to who.

Kha’Chul and Orli were told to find and protect Consort Aspara by Bellarosa. Finding them in the Lazy Logger they were just in time to witness some strange chunk of metal that the others were arguing about glow and pulse several times. A strange scratching sound came from the floor as scythe like appendages burst through the floor. Unnatural creatures crawled out of the ground who’s color was that of the metal, black with red swirls. Three came out of the ground, two about the size of an erdland (ostrich like creature) and one the size of a kank.

The strange creatures seemed to be interested in Aspara nd the rock, which they chased out into the cramped streets of Nibenay. Once in the alley the quick creatures spit acid and poisoned barbs. The halfling started an alley on fire, but managed to take out one of the smaller creatures. Eventually the other creatures were defeated, but Aspara barely made it out alive. The party escaped the flaming alley and eventually got a room at an inn owned by Duh, a contact of The thri-kreen.

The next morning they met up with Bellarosa and two guards. The small party followed the road into the forest toward the Temple of the Eye.


Raddu Raddu

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