Dark Sun Blood and Silt

The Battle of Stones

As the adrenaline from the battle slows down you look around to take in the scope of destruction. Huge boulders and spears the size of tree trunks litter the ground. The obliterated ruins of the argosy cover the old village center, surrounding it houses are crushed by giant thrown rocks and a few were crushed beneath the weight of a fallen giant.

Several Giants fell during the fight and their blood creates ponds of red mud. The remaining giants pick up their wounded comrades and retreat to the south after carrying away some of the villager’s farm animals. The Gulgan’s seemed to have suffered the worst losses. Wails of crushed soldiers can be heard from beneath rocks that have pinned them to the ground. Broken bodies flung from the booted feet of giants or the swing of a club are everywhere, dead and dying. Several Naganga, their skull-like death masks caved in, their brains leaking out. Stumbling around the battlefield are the remnants of defiling magic, zombies raised by the Nganaga wander about, their masters slain or ran away.

Huge swaths of this verdant area are now only ashen field from the Gulgan defilers, all around you is death. Many villagers wander about in shock at the destruction of their homes and their loved ones, some crying, others wailing, and still others stare catatonic. This is Athas, where death comes often, but never easily.

With these giant bodies and scores of gulgan dead there will no doubt be bestial scavengers coming soon. But before the bestial scavengers arrive the sentient scavengers have already descended upon the battlefield. Villagers and what few remaining Gulgans survive began looting the bodies of the fallen, keeping a weary eye out for a return of the Giants.

Attached are the things you find from looting the dead and dying. You still have Mazzax, the Tarek Assassin to interrogate.


Raddu Raddu

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