Dark Sun Blood and Silt

The Canyon of Guthay

To find the Vault of Darom Madar

After buying supplies trio of adventurers headed to the Canyon of Guthay. Their travels were fast paced and other than a dust storm they were unimpeded. Arriving at the stone tower that guarded one side of the road the party descended the canyon and began searching.

After a day of looking in various caves and crack along the canyon floor they found a cavern littered with corpses, some ancient and a few fresh gith corpses. While investigating they noticed that the ancient once had the symbols of Madar and Tsalaxa on them. And that the gith bodies were killed by the ancient weapons. Just then…the bodies started to move. The small band took out the skeletons, zombies, and an ancient zombie defiler in short order.

Next they moved into a crypt room where several wraiths awaited them in the form of Darom Madar’s wife and children as well as some large black obelisk of grief. Again, overcoming the undead the group examined a murky silvered wall and determined there were traps hidden in the mechanisms as they tried to open it. Aspara was hit with a poisoned trap, but her dwarven heritage helped her quickly overcome the poison just as Kovit, psionically tinkering with the wall, caused a magical trap to be triggered. Thunder roared in the small room disorienting the party. After a bit more tinkering the wall was opened to reveal the treasure room of Darom Madar and the dwarven banshee that was once Darom Madar.

The party overcame the oath wight despite several times being dominated by the undead.


Raddu Raddu

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