Dark Sun Blood and Silt

The Forest and the Temple

Kha’Chul and Xendrik were on watch when Xendrik left to make water, but never returned. Searching the party could not find the bard. Deciding he was either taken off by a forest spirit or left, they could look no longer and continued on.

After traveling for two and a half days the part was ambushed by 3 halflings and their kirre. It was a tough battle, but they pulled through.

Trudging on they came to a wide open span of forest where sparse grass and deformed trees pushed up through defiled ash. It was said that this grass and the trees were a recent happening. The temple in the middle of this defiled circle was obscured by trees and distance.

As they walked toward the temple they saw the trees bleed a thick black sap. As they came through a ring of trees they saw, over a small crevasse, the Temple of the Eye. However, they were not alone in discovering it. A large goat headed half-giant and two cloaked figures were near the temple entrance.

Drawing neared a conversation was started. It was eventually found out that the cloaked ones revered Ul-Athra and Aspara was attacked from behind by some strange worm with tentacles. Additionally the cloaked figures through off their cloaks to reveal strange creatures the likes of which the group had never seen. One had two large tentacles jutting from the back of it’s head. The other had several dusty tentacles sprouting from its face, ringing a strange beak.

The half-giant also had a brown dusty tentacle from it’s back which it used to great effect, knocking down his foes. The fight was vicious, but these followers of Ul-Athra retreated into the temple. Too damaged, the party decided to rest before persuing.


Finding water is a hard task!

The Forest and the Temple
Raddu Raddu

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