Dark Sun Blood and Silt

The Treasures of Darom Madar

As the roaring of the banshee that was Darom Madar dies down an eery silence settles over the ancient vault. The feeling of grief and guilt still exudes from the black monolith in the center of the room, but its strength is no longer sufficient to manifest your own emotions into wisp wights.

Upon closer inspection the monolith is carved with all the names of the ancient Knights of Madar.

After rooting through the ancient treasures, much of which has fallen into ruin over time you find the following:

17gp of ancient make 40sp of ancient make two 500cp gems one 100cp gem one 1,500 cp art piece, the stand for the Fragment of the Crown of Dust

One Masterwork Metal Battleaxe 15gp
One Masterwork Metal Spear 5gp
One Masterwork Scale (Non-metal) 200cp
One Masterwork suit of chainmail 40gp

6 psi-crystals of regeneration (Potions of Healing)

A journal of Darom Madar which states….We the last of the Knights of Madar believe that Gallard has one piece of the Crown of Dust hidden away at a site known as the Temple of the Eye near Nibenay, while the other is held by the Thri-Kreen’s “Great One”. Rumors have it that Gallard, King of Nibenay punished the Knights of Shom for attempting to get the piece of the crown from his own knights and their punishement was to take away their right to field Knights. It appears they have become a craven lot of merchants and have forgotten the Knightly ways.

The Fragment of the Crown of Dust (this fragment appears to be part a a diadem made of silt colored tentacles). As you look at it the tentacles appear to to writhe a bit and you are tempted to touch it.

What do you do with the Crown Fragment? Remember you have the Box of Mysteries that was given to the party by Wheellock.

Assuming you put the Crown Fragment into the box, you’re surprised when you open the Box of Mysteries to find a small chunk of reddish unworked metal. It it swirled red and black with flecks of silver and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Questions of note:

  • What is this new red metal?
  • Do you keep the metal in the box? What do you do with the writhing Crown fragment?
  • What does Shom know of the Crown?
  • Who is Gallard?
  • Where is the Temple of the Eye?

All of these questions point you to Nibenay. You travel to Nibenay by way of Shazlim to the north then Fort Isus and finally you are rewarded by the standing stones then the gloriously decorated gates of the city. The road to Nibenay was long and hard. Aspara and Kovit have been gone for months and are overjoyed to see the city.


Raddu Raddu

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