Dark Sun Blood and Silt

Arriving in Tyr the party asked questions about House Madar and found out about “The Belly of the Noble”and the “Road of Crypts” sections of Under Tyr where ancient houses had crypts.

They encountered some members of House Shom, some where friendly other’s were not. Apparently a struggle for the leadership of the merchant dynasty was just beginning and people were choosing sides. Hirik who dealt with the warhouse seemed friendly enough Kovit while Jaleen, who ran the House’s house in the noble’s district was not.

Cybrian of Athas Revealed got them intouch with a dwarven noble named Bailer who offered his son to guide them into UnderTyr.

The party explored UnderTyr and eventually found the Cryps of Madar where they battled some ghouls and various other undead. Finding the crypts of Aru Madar, they unearthed some ancient books.

One story gives account of the Knights of Madar and their allies the Knights of Shom and how they assisted in fighting back the swarms of silt demons while The Great One defeated The Mouths of Thirst, a great corrupted silt elemental.

It explains that after the fight Aru-Madar, champion of the Knightly order fled with a piece of the Crown of Dust struck from the head of the high-priestess of Dust, Muldrea.

The champion was given high-honors and buried in a secret location sacred to the order in “the canyon where the moon shines”

Another book is found titled, The Decline of the Great Orders. It talks of a demonic incursion into the tablelands, and how the Knights of the Great Houses fought in an uneasy alliance with the Champions of Rajaat to push back the demons from the Tablelands. Apparently the Champions were able to hold back the demons with great magic with something called the Periphery. It was then up to the knights to eradicate the remaining demons in the surrounding lands.

The knights turned to mostly guarding caravans while they traveled through from town to town. That soon became their primary source of income as the demons influences lessened. Eventually they began to sponsor their own trading caravans and eventually they ceased guarding other’s caravans and only thought about their own.

The thri-kreen that had come along as a body guard to their dwarven guide knew of a canyon where the moon shines, The Canyon of Guthay.

Exiting Under Tyr the party asked a few questions about the Canyon of Guthay and made preparations to head there.


Raddu Raddu

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