Consort Isra Anand

A Consort of Nibenay that has been a thorn in most of the players' sides.


Anand Isra: Mid level Consort of Nibenay. Noble born of the House of Anand. Isra is a lesser daughter of the House of Anand. She does not have much influence in here House as she was sold to the Templarate to pay a debt to the crown, a fact she has not forgiven her father for. She is a Templar of the Kinds Law.

Isra still tries to play the noble, but her family holds her at arms length, questioning her loyalty. During her time in the Trade Temple she became enamored with Suda Shom an heir to the Shom merchant dynasty. Isra had two children with Suda, one which seemed to followin his father’s footsteps, the other, Kaeo followed in her mothers and is betrothed to the King. High Consort Rejan did not approve of Isra’s relationship with a Shom and put the younger templar into a position where she had to choose Nibenay or Shom and as she guessed, she chose Nibenay. The decision destroyed her relationship with Suda and their dealings have been strictly business ever since.

The House of Anand gave Isra a minor noble estate within the Cliffside district, near the bottom of the cliff. Isra is rarely at the estate, letting her concubine Mongkut manage the estate in her stead. Mongkut, a fan of the gladiatorial games has convinced his master to purchase several gladiators.

When Isra finds the time she throws decadent parties at her estate, mostly attended by Templars, but some minor nobility and merchant lords attend as well. When not at her estate Isra lives within the Temple of Trade in the Sage’s District.

Personality: Isra is bitter at the world. Bitter at her noble family for leaving her behind, bitter at Templar Rejan for making her choose between the King and Suda and bitter toward her sun for nearly ruining her by trading in illicit goods. That being said she can be fair minded in the confines of the law. She is known to take bribes to further her fortunes and goals.

She is fond of animals and has several cats of various size form the forest ridge which she treats like people.

Consort Isra Anand

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