No Name

The No Name halfling disappeared from the group shortly after leaving Under Tyr.


The primal spirits are strong within you. They speak to you on a regular basis and have caused you to wander the world in their names, perhaps you’re from the Forest Ridge and have made the long trek to the Crescent Forest or perhaps you’re from the Crescent Forest and and have been working to strengthen the forest from the predations of the Sorceror-Kings, Nibenay and Lalali-Puy. Recently you’ve met a Peace Bringer, one of the ancient Pyreen of the world. These ancient folk are powerful druids and protectors of the land. Mayena was her name and she saved you from a ravaging pack of Sand Howlers after you had been paralyzed by their eyes. She left after you were well and said she would call on you to return the debt one day in the service of Athas. That day has come. Mayena has just picked you up on a Roc, a giant flying raptor with a human named Suda. You’re not sure how she found you, but you’ve found yourself pledging to her cause, unsure fully of what you’ve pledged as you fly high above the world.

Here’s what you may/not have pledged yourself to…

Long ago defiling brought about corrupted elementals, known as primordials, these corrupt elementals seek to destroy the world and/or remake it in their image. TO this end the have beguiled mortals to help them intheir cause. Some mortals have chosen to fight them. Ul-Athra was one such primordial. It was banished long ago, some say to the moon, Guthay. Mayena, the Pyreen, knowing the connection you have with the primal spirits has asked you to accompany a group that is currently beginning to realize the threat Ul-Athra poses to Athas and give them guidance and the strength necessary to stop Ul-Athra from coming back into the world.

No Name

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