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  • Nibenay

    Aspara quickly left the rest of the party as they entered the city-state of Nibenay. She made her way to the Nagarramakan, the heart of Nibenay and asked audience with High Consort of the Kings Law, Djena. Djena was not available and so Aspara left to …

  • Nibenay Pt II

    After Aspara lost them, [[:xendrik-waveharp | Xendrik Waveharp]] and [[:kovit | Kovit]] split up as well. Kovit was off to see his family and Xendrik went to find out more about the city. Xendrik inquired about hiring a messenger to find out about his …

  • Nibenese NPCs

    * [[Nibenese Templars | Nibenese Templars]] * [[Underworld NPCs | Underworld]] * [[Traders | Traders]] * [[Common Folk | Common Folk]] * [[Other NPCs | Other NPCs]]

  • Underworld NPCs

    Drywell Consortium Sawat, Drywall Consortium fixer Arneth, 1/2 elf in the service of Sawat, left ear clipped off at the top and scar on left cheek. Last known location: Kargash’s Villa

  • Nibenese Templars

    *Temple of Trade* Rejan, High Consort of the Temple of Trade Arana Human Templar of Trade, got into the Templarate at the same time as Templar Aspara of Nibenay *Temple of the Kings Law* Djena, High Consort of the King’s Law Consort Bellarosa - …