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  • No Name

    The primal spirits are strong within you. They speak to you on a regular basis and have caused you to wander the world in their names, perhaps you're from the Forest Ridge and have made the long trek to the Crescent Forest or perhaps you're from the …

  • Kovit

    Anand Isra - Kovit’s relationship to his mother is cool at best. After many years of strict discipline that just did not seem to take, Kovit was bailed out of a very sticky situation at the age of 13 by Isra (see below under Jao) and his resentment grew. …

  • Templar Aspara of Nibenay

    Sawat, Drywell Consortium fixer Consort [[:anand-isra | Isra Anand]] Arana Human Templar of Trade, got into the Templarate at the same time as Templar Aspara of Nibenay Ren, dwarf gem artisan

  • Xendrik Waveharp



    - back story - Kha'chul has had dreams and sometimes nightmares about events in the distant past, when men and thri-kreen were allies - exhibited a talent for mind mixed with blade at an early age - excelled at gladiatorial combat, projecting a " …