Anand Isra – Kovit’s relationship to his mother is cool at best. After many years of strict discipline that just did not seem to take, Kovit was bailed out of a very sticky situation at the age of 13 by Isra (see below under Jao) and his resentment grew. As Kovit’s relationship with his father grew, so did the distance between Isra and Kovit. Kovit’s respect for his mother only comes from the iron fist she can wield over the path of his life.

Suda Shom – Kovit’s relationship with his father is very warm (possibly more so than it should be). Kovit has always envied the life of a successful dune trader that his father represents. Though gone on one set of travels or another during the time of Kovit’s formative years, Suda has always represented to Kovit the freedom that he has longed for while under the strict protection of his mother.

Anand Kaeo – Kovit’s sister is distant from him. While away at her studies she has shown similar flashes of brilliance with Psionic power that Kovit has always excelled at. She is now being groomed as a future bride of Nibenay. Kovit has always loved his sister but thinks that she thinks of herself too highly. Kaeo for her own part does look down upon Kovit but mostly for the awkward positions that he has placed her in over the course of her formative years by being so reckless.

Harmon Garlcutter -DEAD: A mercenary Psion hired by Suda years ago to protect his caravan. It was Harmon that first showed Kovit the means of commanding the physical world with ones own mind. As well as being a skilled fighter, Harmon excelled at recanting the tails of battles fought and places seen. It is through Harmon’s stories that Kovit first hears of the free city of Tyr. It soon becomes a relished fantasy of Kovit’s to daydream of living in a city free from all types of oppressive thumbs. Died after defending Suda from Yarnath the Skull’s raiders

Jao Santisakul – Human Childhood friend of Kovit’s that grew up in the Cliffside district with him. Jao is the Son of Consort Achara Santisakul who is the prelate consul of High Consort Bamandji in The Temple of War. Jao and Kovit are strictly forbidden by both of their parents to meet one another after Jao helped Kovit “liberate,” at thirteen, some of the magical artillery for Jao’s birthday that Achara had been entrusted as overseer. Isra had called in many favors from other consorts in the Temple of the King’s Law to keep Kovit from the torturers chamber and a future life in slavery. Jao was able to be freed by his mother Achara but not until Tai, the gaoler’s lash had found its home in his back. Jao now works directly under his mother as lead scribe, totaling accounts and reconciling inventory for the Temple of War’s Armory.

Chaiama Suramongkol – Female Elven trade merchant in the hill district. Chaiama was first caught smuggling ritual components through the Melkillot Gate of Nibenay at the age of 10 while following in one of the caravans brought to town by Suda Shom. Taking the matter into his own hands, Suda petitioned the magistrate of the King’s Law for the release of Chaiama into his care. The magistrate took Suda’s council but still enslaved Chaiama, allowing the state to sell her rights into the house of Shom. After 5 years toiling under Suda’s kitchen steward, Monkull, Chaiama caught and restrained a poisoner hiding in the pantry when coming for the life of Suda’s Uncle Rajini. Suda then gave Chaiama her freedom as a reward. Chaiama is Suda’s legitimate connection to the Elven Market. Kovit had been recently using Chaiama as his main supplier of ritual components that he would then sneak back out of the main city under the guise of his fathers caravan.


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