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  • Nibenese NPCs

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  • Underworld NPCs

    Drywell Consortium Sawat, Drywall Consortium fixer Arneth, 1/2 elf in the service of Sawat, left ear clipped off at the top and scar on left cheek. Last known location: Kargash’s Villa

  • Nibenese Templars

    *Temple of Trade* Rejan, High Consort of the Temple of Trade Arana Human Templar of Trade, got into the Templarate at the same time as Templar Aspara of Nibenay *Temple of the Kings Law* Djena, High Consort of the King’s Law Consort Bellarosa - …

  • Consort Isra Anand

    Anand Isra: Mid level Consort of Nibenay. Noble born of the House of Anand. Isra is a lesser daughter of the House of Anand. She does not have much influence in here House as she was sold to the Templarate to pay a debt to the crown, a fact she has not …